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Bumper Sticker Suggestions:
  • Political statements
  • Campaign slogans
  • Business advertising with or without photograph or drawing
    • Personal photograph
    • Building/Business Location
    • Logo or drawing
  • Team Logos
  • Trainings, Seminars, Conventions for your business
  • photo of new baby in the birth announcement
  • Crafter's schedule of upcoming shows for their regular customers
  • New business openings
  • Bumper Stickers with your favorite saying, or your company name for advertising
If you have ideas or suggestions of other projects or uses for customized magnets, drop us a line, we would love to post them for others to see and possibly use.

Flush The Johns bumper sticker

Genesis Spiritual Life Center bumper sticker

I doubt your diety would approve

South Caroline Super Stallions

Your village just called their idiot is missing

If you think burning the flag is free speech, then my middle finger is talking to you bumper sticker

We welcome the opportunity to provide you, the customer, with special orders on bumper stickers. We can put your team logo, business name and address, school spirit, campaign slogan, funny saying, a favorite drawing, graphic or politcal slogan on a custom-sized bumper sticker as well. The largest size that we can make is an 8" x 10.5" magnet.

  • All Custom orders are quoted individually.
  • Send us your photograph(s) or graphic(s) and we will quote you a firm price via email.
  • Shipping is paid by the customer on all special orders. Normal shipping is via United States Postal Service, First Class Mail
  • Once the custom work is completed by us, a copy is sent to you via email for customer final approval of the size and cropping of photographs, the design, fonts, etc.
  • After customer approval of custom orders, the order must be paid in full before work is shipped.
  • No work will be shipped without prior approval from the customer with NO returns on any custom orders. All custom order sales are final.
  • If you want quantities larger than 20 pieces per project, they will be quoted separately.
  • If you still have questions that aren't answered on this page, please send us an email at: stickerwizzard@bumperstickersusa.om, we respond within 24 hours.

Cost of Custom Work:

  • All Custom work has a Setup/Design fee determined on an individual project basis in addition to the cost of the magnet and the shipping/handling costs.

Submitting the photo/drawing, etc:

  • Send a photograph, or copy-ready artwork via the United States Mail service, making sure you put it between 2 pieces of heavy cardboard. A padded envelope is also a good idea to ensure the photo stays flat. Multiple pictures can be submitted in the same envelope. We will then scan your photograph, or copy-ready artwork and do all of the work from the digital file. Your originals will be returned to you with the final order.
  • If you have the photograph or artwork already saved as a digital file, you can submit them to us via email. They must be one of the following formats: tif, jpg, or gif. If the photo is scanned, please use at least a 300 dpi resolution, or it won't be quality enough for a good reprint. For all bumper stickers larger than 3" x 4", unless you have a high quality digital file, we would prefer to receive the actual photograph from which we will scan at the needed high quality.

The address to send the photos to will be included in our first email response to your request for custom work along with an initial quote.









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