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Bumper Stickers USA
is a website and business managed and maintained by the StickerWizzard. When she isn't photographing everything in sight and making photo magnets, sold at:  EverythingMagnets, or creating fabulous jewelry sold at: Holiday Earrings, she is creating the many Magnetic Bumper Stickers that you find here on this site. Keep up with her ramblings at her blog: Magnets-Beads-Photography-Life.

   Everyone who loves magnets wants to put them on their vehicles too!!!!  Gone are the days of the sticky paper bumper stickers that went on the car bumper only to stay there for eternity. No more scraping off the goo and brittle pieces when you want to make a different political statement or feel like blasting the multitudes on the road with your wisdom and humor.  Our magnetic bumper stickers allow you to keep on displaying your own personalities without messing with your vehicle's finish. Plus, these magnetic bumper stickers can go on any part of the vehicle, the roof, the doors, even the hood!

    We are constantly updating our collection of bumper sticker sayings, so bookmark us [Control Key & letter D], and check back often. We also offer Custom Orders where we take your own thoughts and words and put them onto a magnet surface. We do not create or sell profanity or things that are in bad taste. We are the judge of what we will make and what we choose not to sell.  We are always looking for new and unique sayings from you, our customers. Send us email with your suggestions, complaints, or just "hi there neighbor". We're always open here on the World Wide Web.

Sticker Wizzard   :+]

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