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UPDATES: 10-10-15 new bumperstickers in Schools-Main, Religious, General

Everyone loves to read bumper stickers, but no one wants to mess up their car, truck, motor home or motorcycle by putting one on. The solution: Magnetic Bumper Stickers!!! Put them on the doors, even your roof or hood. No more sticky residue, & you can move them around easily. They are laminated for durability outdoors.

Our standard size is 3.5" x 10.5". The cost for this size is $5.00/each for words only & $5.50/each with graphics & words. We ship via the United States Postal Service. Bumper stickers can be any size up to 8" x 10.5". All backgrounds are white, with standard colors for the lettering. Most popular font types are available and custom photographs or graphics are welcomed with the right ownership. Read our Special order section for more details.

For Outdoor usage, we recommend removing the magnet once a week and thoroughly clean behind it and the back side of the magnet. A little wax in the area where you want the magnet to stick will avoid a paint problem, but may lesson the ability of the magnet to stick firm to the surface. Winter can be harsh as a combination of moisture, road tar, sand and salt, which can damage paint on it's own, as they get caught behind the magnet.

If you don't see the saying that you want, send us an email. We are more than happy to create a bumper sticker just for you with your favorite saying. NOTE: It must be within reason, & NOT use profanity.


Here are some samples of our bumper stickers:

Go State magnetic bumper sticker
Ever Stop to Think and Forget to Start Again bumper sticker
Age is just an attitude magnetic bumper sticker
M Go Blue magnetic bumper sticker
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